August 01, 2017

K9 Advantix® II approved for killing mosquitoes and reducing biting by mosquitoes and stable flies

MISSISSAUGA, ON, August 1, 2017 – Bayer Inc.’s K9 Advantix® II received approval from Health Canada for killing mosquitoes through contact and reducing bites from mosquitoes and stable flies in dogs. These new claims for K9 Advantix II are in addition to existing indications for the control of fleas, ticks and lice for at least four weeks. The coverage offered by K9 Advantix II against parasites gives dog owners piece of mind, allowing them to focus on enjoying the outdoors with their dogs this summer.

Studies have shown that K9 Advantix reduces biting by mosquitoes by up to 95.2% and stable flies by up to 90.2%[1],[2]. Mosquito feeding can produce itchy welts that result in self-trauma and distress[3]. Mosquitoes also spread potentially fatal diseases like heartworm when they bite, making them a big concern for dog owners.  The bite of a stable fly is painful and can produce open wounds, attracting more flies causing further irritation to the pet.  Stable flies will bite dogs and humans on warm days throughout the summer[4].

 K9 Advantix® II is applied to the skin along the dog’s back. From there, it spreads evenly as a thin layer over the skin surface and is locked into the oils of the dog’s skin rather than being absorbed internally. When parasites such as biting flies (mosquitoes and stable flies), fleas, ticks, and lice come in contact with the skin of a treated dog, the parasites’ nervous system becomes affected. The parasites quickly become uncoordinated and stop feeding. K9 Advantix® II works through contact and does not require the pest to bite in order to be killed. Reducing biting keeps pets comfortable and can help to prevent disease transmission.

“Unlike many other parasite medications, the active ingredients in K9 Advantix® II stay on the outside of the pet where they can kill pests through contact.” Biting is not required said Dr. Tamara Hofstede, Senior Manager Veterinary Scientific Affairs, Bayer Inc. “Reducing biting is important for pet comfort and reducing the risk of disease transmission, providing pet owners with peace of mind this summer”. 

For more information, pet owners should seek advice from their veterinarian on the use of K9 advantix II and the best options for their dog. 

About K9 Advantix® II 
K9 Advantix II offers month-long protection for dogs and puppies from eight weeks of age against fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes and stable flies. K9 Advantix II works through contact and continues to work even after bathing and swimming. Do not use K9 Advantix II on cats. K9 Advantix II is available from veterinarians. For more information, please visit

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