We are all #BornToMove

We are all #BornToMove

Cheryl Burt, Consumer Health Marketing, Bayer Inc.

Did you know Canadian office workers spend almost 80% of working hours in prolonged sitting periods and 65% of Canadians would exercise more if they found an activity that was fun[i].  Movement is the foundation of our health, but we are not moving enough in Canada.

The Dr. Scholl’s team recognized that Canadians are not moving enough and was determined to change this by building a campaign that would motivate Canadians to move. With the consumer in mind, a new brand purpose was launched: Dr. Scholl’s exists to help people move through all of life’s moments with greater ease and joy. This brand purpose recognized that movement is essential to both physical and emotional well-being and pain or discomfort should never stop people from doing what they were born to do.

Out of the brand purpose, the #BornToMove campaign was created and two target audiences were identified: a digital and media campaign focusing on consumers and an employee campaign. The goal of each was to highlight that our happiest moments are spent in motion – when we move better, we move more – and to encourage all Canadians to move!

Born to move

“Dr. Scholl’s products are designed to help people move and so through the #BornToMove campaign we were able to bring this movement to life,” said Navi Grewal, Brand Manager, Footcare. “We felt it was important to launch our brand purpose campaign to both employees and consumers. For the employee campaign, the goal was to empower them to be brand ambassadors and to live the brand purpose not only at work but also in their everyday lives.”

Building brand ambassadors - one step at a time

The Dr. Scholl’s team recognized that it can be difficult to make time to stay active and move in a way we love, so for the employee campaign Dr. Scholl’s and Bayer gave all employees a day off to get them moving and show how they were #BornToMove. To encourage employees to get moving, everyone was given a pair of Dr. Scholl’s insoles so they could walk the walk comfortably and with less pain and strain on their joints and muscles.

Sarah Duthie
Sarah Duthie, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Inc.


From yoga to paddle boarding, biking to hiking, Bayer employees across Canada became brand ambassadors and embraced how they were born to move. To share their day with colleagues each employee took photos of themselves during their #BornToMove day and uploaded it with a short description to the company’s internal Wellness blog. To date hundreds of employees have participated, braving summer heat and early winter snowfall to get out of the office and spend time in motion.

“It was a fantastic initiative!” said Bayer Crop Science employee Tatiana Bączkowski. “I was thrilled to be able to spend the entire day outdoors in the mountains.”

Canadians can re-introduce movement into their lives by making small changes to their daily routine. Try biking rather than relying on a car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Use a lunch break to go for a walk. When people move in ways they enjoy, and that make them happy, they are more likely to continue that behaviour for longer, because all Canadians are #BornToMove.


[i] Dr. Scholl’s Omni Survey 2017