Running blind for a cause

Running blind for a cause

Bayer employees, Stephanie Daigneault and Mustapha Lor, running blind for a cause

Bayer employees run a race blindfolded to support a fundraiser for eyesight

In 2018, Bayer employees Stephanie Daigneault and Mustapha Lhor ran 15km for La Fondation Pierre Brise-Bois for eyesight. The annual fundraiser, which takes place in Montreal, is organized by Pierre Brise-Bois, a gentleman who is affected by Stargardt Disease, which causes progressive damage to the macula (the small area of the retina which is responsible for sharp, straight-ahead vision).

“This is a race that I have been participating in for the past three years,” said Stephanie. “It is a great cause and the course is just magnificent as it runs alongside the St. Lawrence River in the Lasalle Rapids Park.”

This year, Stephanie was joined by colleague Mustapha who wanted to run the race blindfolded. Only a handful of participants run blindfolded, or are blind in this race. With Stephanie serving as the guide, the duo was tied together with a small rope attached to their wrists and completed 15km in 1 hour and thirty minutes.

Stephanie and Mustapha ran 15km for La Fondation Pierre Brise-Bois for eyesight

Stephanie and Mustapha with their medals at the finish line.

For me the race required a lot of concentration keeping the right tension in the rope, describing the course and the obstacles.

For the past few years, Bayer has donated funds to Pierre Brise-Bois’ cause. At the race Stephanie spoke to Bayer’s commitment to research and to patients, several options today to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and other retina pathologies. It is a message about patient choice and about hope.

Supporting this foundation every year is one of many examples of Bayer’s commitment to patients and dedication to research in support of Science for a Better Life.

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