Days of giving

Days of giving

Bayer Canada's Consumer Health Marketing Team made a difference in other's lives during the 2019 holiday season.

Acts of kindess make a meaningful difference in other's lives.

Approaching the end of the year for many brings mixed emotions.  The ending of another year reminds us of the experiences and accomplishments that took place, and the appreciation and gratitude for the well-being of our families and friends.

This gratitude sparks the inspiration to give back to others in our communities who are less fortunate and in need of support and outreach.  With this feeling of gratitude, the Bayer Canada Consumer Health Team once again opened their hearts to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Bayer Canada Consumer Health Team

The Bayer Canada Consumer Health Team volunteered their time this holiday season to a worthy cause and to bring joy to a family in need.

Employees from the Consumer Health Marketing and Category Teams gave their time, energy and passion for giving back and made a difference in other’s lives during the holiday season and beyond.  For the second year, the Consumer Health Team sponsored a local family during the 2019 holidays through the Holiday Helpers organization.

Holiday Helpers Canada is a registered charity whose mission is to provide a one-time Christmas package to low income families with young children who are trying to improve their situation.  The customized gift packages bring families joy, encouragement, and provide necessary poverty relief.

Cheryl Burt

We do this as we all agree it is important to recognize how truly lucky we are.  There are many who are far less fortunate and the holidays can be a particularly challenging time.”

Holiday Helpers matched the Consumer Health Marketing and Category Teams with a family of four.  These dedicated employees sponsored a single mom and three children struggling to get back on their feet following a difficult situation.  The Team was provided with a wish list from the family of much needed things including some basic household items.  Most of these families who require assistance are looking for support with some of the most basic belongings often taken for granted, like, winter coats, hats and mittens. 

The Consumer Health employees divided themselves into teams and with lists in hand, shopped for each family member purchasing gifts and much needed items.  To further sponsor this family of four and to make the impact even greater, the Consumer Health Team provided a gift card for much needed groceries.

Marcel Rojo

This was an eye-opening experience for me. During the season, we find ourselves so involved in our own busyness we forget there are families who need help and for whom the holiday celebration is sometimes an unattainable dream.”

“When we decided to sponsor this family, it was shocking the things they were asking for Christmas, these were basic things to survive through the winter. It is hard for me to think there are families and especially kids that are unable to afford the basic necessities,” said Marcela.

All the purchased gifts were dropped off in plenty of time to Holiday Helpers where volunteers wrapped and delivered all the gifts to the sponsored family in time for some much-needed Holiday cheer.  The impact of sponsoring these families far extends beyond this one season and most certainly provides this family with the knowledge that there are many in the community who are willing and open to lending a helping hand.