Bayer on Campus

Bayer on Campus

Bayer on Campus focuses on science and innovation, its unique workplace culture, and career opportunities within Canada and around the world.

A bold new initiative is bringing Bayer directly to the next generation of talent needed to help propel the company’s drive to advance health and nutrition for tomorrow.

Bayer on Campus brings Bayer Pharmaceutical, HR, Crop Science and Animal Health teams to university and college communities. The program gives undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, staff, professors and local companies an opportunity to learn first-hand about the company, its focus on science and innovation, its unique workplace culture, and career opportunities within Canada and around the world. The presentations are customized accordingly to one of several health themes depending on the audience. What’s more, those who have a program or idea that they believe dovetails with Bayer’s strategic interests get one-to-one meetings to discuss potential collaborations, partnerships or funding.

The approach goes beyond the typical corporate “university career fair” booth, says Josh Silvertown, Senior Manager, Medical Affairs Strategist (Oncology), who spearheaded the Bayer on Campus initiative, supported by a cross-functional team of Bayer colleagues.

“We’ve been complimented by our on-campus hosts that Bayer’s approach is entirely different than what is typically done by other companies,” says Josh. “We’re there to showcase Bayer as a prospective employer, but we’re also there to talk about science and innovation. We’re able to have face-to-face discussions with professors, spin-off companies or student groups about potential collaborations, partnerships, and funding through channels like our Open Innovation programs and Early Licensing and Global External Innovation and Alliances teams.”

Bayer on Campus at Queen’s University

Josh Silvertown, Medical Affairs, Oncology, Bayer Inc., leads a discussion about Bayer on Campus at Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario.

Bayer on Campus events typically include a “Breakfast with Bayer,” which is structured like a fireside chat with student clubs where the Bayer on Campus delegation speak about Bayer, share their career paths to and within Bayer, then respond to questions. Later in the morning the formal Bayer on Campus presentation is delivered to the campus community at-large. Following the formal presentation, brief one-on-one exploratory discussions are held with those groups who were identified with proposed research collaborations or partnerships of strategic interest to Bayer. If a potential match to Bayer’s areas of strategic interests is determined, the Bayer on Campus team facilitates follow-ups with the appropriate Bayer personnel.

Since 2017, the Bayer on Campus initiative has delivered 16 formal presentations to 10 Canadian university campuses, with a total of 775 attendees – more than 550 in 2018 alone. Participating campuses in 2018 included the University of Alberta, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Concordia University, and Dalhousie University campuses in Halifax and Truro. A Bayer on Campus survey found 90 per cent of attendees in 2018 confirmed having a better appreciation of Bayer’s research and development efforts, as well as the organization’s contributions to society through innovation and product development.

Since the program launched, job applications from the universities visited have increased by 36 per cent. What’s more, the Bayer on Campus team’s 47 one-on-one partnering meetings on campus to date have led to a number of positive outcomes, including:

  • Several referrals to Bayer’s Early Licensing team and Open Innovation grants programs
  • Enhanced awareness of Bayer’s Animal Health business in Canada leading to a visit from the company’s Dairy Innovation team from New Zealand to researchers in Canada
  • Supporting the initiation of a clinical trial at Olds College (University of Alberta) to evaluate products aimed at snow mould, a type of fungus that can kill grass after the snow melts
  • An invitation for the Bayer Oncology medical affairs team to speak at an oncology-focused international conference.

The Bayer on Campus team is currently planning its 2019 tour, and plans to visit another five campuses this year.

“Bayer is very customer-driven, and the Bayer on Campus initiative is another way for us to get out there and listen and speak with people and stakeholders that we may not have had the chance to connect with otherwise,” says Josh. “We’ve received really good feedback; the energy of these events is very positive, and many of the people attending come to understand more about who Bayer is and what value we’re bringing to society.”

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Bayer has been of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. Bayer has been recognized as a leader in attracting and retaining younger employees since 2005.

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