“You can rely on Canada!”

“You can rely on Canada!”

Town Hall Lecture with the Canadian Ambassador.

Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals division invited Stéphane Dion, the Canadian ambassador to Germany and Special Envoy to the European Union and Europe, for a Pharma Town Hall Lecture in Berlin.

Canada may not have the largest population compared to other countries, with its roughly 36 million people being outnumbered by the US state of California alone. But the economic turnout is impressive, for the country as well as for Bayer in Canada, as Alok Kanti, President, CEO and Senior Bayer Representative Canada, pointed out in his introductory speech at a special Town Hall meeting in Berlin in February. Bayer Canada generates around two billion dollars in annual sales and invested over $127 million in research & development in 2016.

Canada punches above its weight.

Canada punches above its weight”, Alok Kanti said, highlighting the country’s strong position in education, research, and economic prosperity relative to its population size.

The country is globally recognized for the quality and expertise of its research clinicians and its diverse population base.

Canada is a leading country in innovative science and technology. Which path is Canada taking in the next years and how is it linked with Bayer’s strategic efforts? Canadian Ambassador Stéphane Dion shared his thoughts on these and other questions.

“Canada is really your partner in the life sciences”, said Ambassador Stéphane Dion as he provided insights about the government's agenda on innovation, health and relations with international partners. He emphasized the stability and growth of his country: “You can rely on Canada!”

Dion, who was introduced by Sebastian Guth, Head of Strategic Marketing Pharmaceuticals and Member of the Pharma Executive Committee, highlighted the strength of the Canadian biopharmaceutical sector that employs more than 28,500 people. Human resources are a focus of Canadian politics, as the Ambassador pointed out: “One of the strategic goals of the Canadian government is to create one of the most skilled, creative, and diverse workforces on the planet.”