Healthy aging

Healthy aging

Global Conference on Aging.

The world’s population is aging. The number of people aged 60+ will more than double to 2.1 billion by 2050. The impact of this demographic shift on society will be profound, affecting areas of our life such as labour market, economic growth, and healthcare.

In August, the International Federation on Aging (IFA) hosted delegates from 75 countries at the 14th Global Conference on Aging in Toronto. A diverse range of topics on aging were addressed and debated, guided by insights from thought leaders, new research and real-world examples. As an organization dedicated to positive health outcomes, Bayer supported two important symposiums at the conference:

  1. The value of health innovation to enable healthy aging
  2. Vision health and healthy aging: identifying barriers and enabling opportunities

Dr. Michael Devoy, Bayer’s Chief Medical Officer and Head of Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilence along with experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Canadian Council of the Blind and leading ophthalmologists were among some participants who discussed the importance of health innovation and the impact of technology in enabling healthy aging at these events.

Aging suit

An aging suit is used by Bayer globally to demonstrate the three major external perceptions: loss of mobility and dexterity, loss of strength and muscle power, and loss of vision

The second marquee symposium at the conference put vision health front and centre. Rooted in ageism is the myth that vision deterioration is just a part of ‘normal’ aging -vision loss is not an aging issue. There is low awareness of the need for regular eye screening, symptomatology of eye diseases and access to safe and effective treatments. Discussions at the event focused on the importance of access, screening, and policy issues.

The whole concept of technology enabling better outcomes in care was put into practice with a short presentation on the Bayer Grants4Apps (G4A) program and one of the Canadian winners, HelpWear Technologies. Founded in 2013, the Bayer global program is dedicated to helping innovative healthcare startups grow and enable positive progress within the digital healthcare universe.

The Global Conference on Aging was a great opportunity for Bayer to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to achieve positive health outcomes, through Science for a Better Life.