Working at Bayer

Our LIFE Values

Our LIFE Values

Employees promoting LIFE

Our approach to how we work is summed up in four guiding values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency. Together, they spell LIFE.

As individuals and as a team, we’re inspired and motivated by challenge. We approach each day and every task with a sense of adventure and possibility, always focused on achieving our goals through these values.

Bayer is an organization that embraces collaboration. Sharing our knowledge and expertise gives everyone the opportunity to play a role in our success. We stand behind our people and encourage them to face business challenges head-on, secure in the knowledge that they enjoy the full support of a company that loves to win.


Hello from Bayer

At Bayer, a new employee’s path to success begins the moment they come on board. Hello Bayer, our orientation program, includes a unique website for new employees to become familiar with Bayer as a company – the workplace, the people and the culture – before they start their new job.


Your Bayer Rewards

The Total Rewards program expands the value of working at Bayer to something far beyond a salary. Comprised of Your Benefits, Your Advantages and Your Development, the program provides eligible employees with various options, such as health coverage, stock options and RRSP plans, flex time and education scholarships for children. Other features include unique advantages and opportunities to enhance and enrich career growth. Your Bayer Rewards is uniquely designed to suit each employee, making the program as distinctly personal as it is comprehensive.

We are committed to both the present and the future well-being of our employees. In addition to extended health coverage, we include flexible benefit options such as savings, pension and stock purchase plans to help eligible employees achieve their financial goals.

Bayer offers many programs to help you maintain a healthy balance between your work and home life, including personal days, alternative work arrangements, an onsite fitness centre at major office locations, a fitness subsidy for field employees and an employee assistance program. There are many other advantages that support our employees’ needs while helping to encourage their success.

In keeping with Bayer’s belief in the continued professional and personal growth of our employees, we offer a wide range of internal, external, and customized learning and leadership development opportunities through our myLearning program. Our CareerFlexx encourages employees to build their own unique, satisfying and challenging career by offering employees the opportunity, flexibility and ownership to evolve their career to its fullest potential. Bayer also provides eligible employees with financial assistance for post-secondary and post-graduate education.

Work-Life Balance

Life at Work at Bayer

Our Life at Work program recognizes that our employees spend a substantial amount of their time at work. We consider employees our greatest resource, and we support and encourage their success by providing a healthy, balanced work life. Life at Work offers support and resources with a wide range of benefits, programs and facilities that enhance health and well-being in three essential arenas: Physical, featuring programs and facilities that address fitness and nutrition; and Social, including activities and areas such as a lounge, flex hours, sporting and group events.


Bayer Inclusivity and Diversity Logo

At Bayer, we value the diversity of our employees and seek to collectively manage these talents to deliver innovative products to our customers. Our working environment respects and acknowledges individual differences, and accommodates differing needs and expectations.