Leadership Team

Canadian Leadership Team

The Canadian Leadership Team is the highest level of governance for Bayer in Canada. The team leads Bayer’s vision by nurturing a trusted, customer-focused, collaborative and innovative culture across Canada.

The Canadian Leadership Team is comprised of the heads of the divisions (Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science and Consumer Health), as well as those leading finance; human resources; law, patents and compliance; and communications.

Alok Kanti
President & CEO, Bayer Inc.
Senior Bayer Representative for Canada

Alok Kanti is the President & CEO of Bayer Inc. and was appointed to this role in August 2015. Alok has a dual role as Head of the Pharmaceuticals division and the Senior Bayer Representative in Canada.

Al Driver
President & CEO, Bayer CropScience Inc. 

Al Driver is the President & CEO of Bayer CropScience Inc. and was appointed to this role in January 2015. Al is responsible for the leadership and management of the Crop Science division.

Elizabeth Beemer
Senior Vice President, Canadian Division Head, Consumer Health Division

Elizabeth (Liz) Beemer is Head of the Consumer Health division and was appointed in December 2013. Liz is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the division to grow its position as a leading consumer health care company in Canada.

Andreas Schremmer
Chief Financial Officer; Head, Corporate Functions

Andreas Schremmer is the Chief Financial Officer and Head, Corporate Functions, and was appointed in August 2017. Andreas is responsible for providing management, leadership and strategic direction for law, patents and compliance, IT, procurement, HSEQ, controlling and supply chain, finance and accounting.

Derrick Rozdeba
Vice President, Communications and Public & Government Affairs

Derrick Rozdeba is the Vice President of Communications and Public & Government Affairs and was appointed to this role in April 2016. Derrick is responsible for internal and external communications, as well as government relations as they pertain to the Bayer corporate image and reputation.

Janine Pajot
Vice President, Human Resources

Janine Pajot is Vice President, Human Resources and was appointed in August 2018. Janine is responsible for driving our people and engagement strategy across all Bayer divisions and business units across Canada.

Marc Fust
Head, Law, Patents & Compliance

Marc Fust is the Head of Law, Patents & Compliance  for Canada. In this role, he leads the Canada team and has the responsibilities of Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer and Assistant Corporate Secretary for Bayer Inc.