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                 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

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If you need any medical information about Bayer HealthCare, Diabetes Care products or would like to report an adverse event, please contact Bayer Diabetes Customer Care at 1-800-268-7200.


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Diabetes Care

Bayer HealthCare, Diabetes Care, together with its international affiliates, is one of the largest self-test diagnostic businesses in the world, supporting customers in more than 100 countries. For more than four decades, Bayer's Diabetes Care Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems have allowed people with diabetes to conveniently and accurately monitor their blood glucose levels, whether at home or on the move.


In Canada, Diabetes Care offers the following Bayer product lines:

  • CONTOUR® NEXT Blood Glucose Meters & Test Strip: CONTOUR® NEXT, CONTOUR® NEXT USB, CONTOUR® NEXT EZ, CONTOUR® NEXT LINK compatible with CONTOUR® NEXT Test Strips
  • CONTOUR® Blood Glucose Meters & Test Strip: CONTOUR®, CONTOUR® USB, CONTOUR® LINK compatible with CONTOUR® Test Strips
  • BREEZE® 2 Blood Glucose Meter compatible with BREEZE® 2 10 Test Disc
  • Bayer's MICROLET 2® Adjustable Lancing Device and Lancets
  • Ketostix® and Ketodiastix® Urine Reagents xxxxx

Living with diabetes can be complicated. But with Bayer, you can better manage your diabetes for a happier, healthier you.

Today, Bayer HealthCare, Diabetes Care continues the spirit of innovation through Bayer - our family of blood glucose monitoring systems and support services help people with diabetes live life their way. Our fresh approach to diabetes care offers blood glucose monitoring systems that provide choices that respect people's individuality. For more information on Bayer's Diabetes Care products and services, please visit: www.bayerdiabetes.ca.



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